Cash Flow vs. Cash-on-Cash Return: DON’T Make This Mistake

Cash Flow vs. Cash-on-Cash Return: DON'T Make This Mistake

Episode #308

How important is cash flow when analyzing real estate deals? Many rookies zero in on this familiar figure when crunching the numbers, but there’s another metric that is FAR more important: cash-on-cash return. This simple but powerful equation can help you determine whether an investment property is worth buying!

Welcome to another Rookie Reply! Many rookies struggle to analyze deals when starting out. Fortunately, Ashley and Tony are here to show you exactly how to calculate your cash-on-cash return on a property. They discuss when to use lines of credit to help fund deals, as well as how to pitch seller financing options that make sense for both sides. They also talk about the home appraisal process and, finally, whether an offer on a property can ever be TOO low!

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00:00 Intro

03:44 How Low Is TOO Low?

12:28 Cash Flow Vs. Cash-on-Cash Return

16:45 Using a Line of Credit

27:57 Appraisals 101

36:42 How to Pitch Seller Financing

42:42 Send Us Your Question!

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