First Time Flying In Nigeria?: Here’s What You Need To Know | Step by Step Guide

First Time Flying In Nigeria?: Here's What You Need To Know | Step by Step Guide

I’ll be showing you exactly how to make your First Time Flying In Nigeria as easy and stress free as possible.
Beginner’s Guide To Boarding A Domestic Flight – Step By Step.
Complete Guide To Boarding, Checklist for your First Flight.
How to travel first time in Flight.
First time flying in Nigeria.
Domestic Flight travel tips.
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Airline: Green Africa Airways.
Flight: Q9324
Seat: 16B

00:00 Trailer
00:03 Intro
00:43 Packing List
01:16 Baggage
04:08 Packing
04:38 Portable Batteries
05:35 Check-in
06:18 Boarding Pass
09:06 Heading To The Airport
11:00 At the Airport
11:53 Airport Check in
13:54 Airport Security
14:06 Waiting Area
14:28 Boarding Announcements
14:41 Boarding the Bus
16:35 Finding Your Seat
17:00 Fastening Seat Belts
18:11 Safety Demonstration
19:43 Takeoff
20:34 Flight Attendant Call Button
20:44 Turbulence and Seat Belt Signs
21:09 Landing

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